Oct 14, 2009 is a scam

Here I want to say the ptc and ptr website : is a scam.I sign-up this site about 1year ago,and earn more than $4000.00,so requested my earning,and wait for more than 150 days,but I don't get any money from this company.Here are my screenscot:

They will not pay you money when your earning reach the min payout.Here is another blog say about is a scam :

PTC Investigations
We are adding to our scam list and here are our reasons why:

1. "To Good To Be True" - No advertiser is going to pay you $1.00 per
email. Or 5o cents per PTC. ESPECIALLY, when the site only charges the
advertiser $2.00 for 1000 clicks. Let do some math....

$0.50 x 1000 =
$500.00 and the site is taking only $2.oo in? Then how is he/she going to pay
you if they are only charging $2.00 for an ad, and in return the site has to pay
it's members $500.00 to show that ad 1000 times. They wouldn't and they wont! No
site is going to pay out of pocket for you to view these ads.

2. No
Forum! - Another clue to a scam. Owners that opt not to have a forum on a
PTC/GPT site is asking for failure. Members like to be able to communicate with
one another and to staff. If you do not provide this necessary tool, then you
are either hiding something, or you just plain don't care.

3. Whois Info
Private - Another indicator that the owner has something to hide. Usually
scammers will hide their identity and the ownership of the site.

4. Zero
Payment Proofs - No where on the internet are posted payment proofs. The site is
showing registration since Dec of 2007. You would think that someone would have
been paid by now, and would have posted proofs. However that is not the case.

5. Iframe Cheater - GPT Boycott has this site listed as a iframe
cheater. Meaning they are violating search engines and affiliate programs and
putting honest PTC sites at risk. You can view their findings here.

6. Full
of Viruses and Malware - My first load of the home page a Malware warning popped
up on my screen. Probably from one of their banners or iframes that they have
listed on their site. Use caution when loading this site, make sure your virus
detection is always on.

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Anonymous said...

Wow add me to the list of getting scammed. This is some bullshit. Invested in the site too. WOW!!!

The Seeker said...

Hmmm...... So all my time and energy was all just for nothing..
If actually doubted the legitimacy of the site when they refused to use the money i had already made on the site, to process my Gold membership upgrade.

Ighalo Akhimien said...

I am currently on tuepaid,now that i know,i am gonna stop wasting my timr

Anonymous said...

oh Goshh... this is another scam site ..what the heck.. i can't make any money online cux evry site i jump into turn out to ba scammd thing huh:(

Anonymous said...

GOLLY-GEE! Why is this happening all around, huh? All the sites just turn out to be loads of scammers. God help us now. I think I will have to quit having hope of making moey online cos I won't. I've never earned a quarter cent online b4 and with the way things are going now. I'm really not sure I will. Anybody who can help me should do , please!!! Cos, I've always been told by my friends that there is nothing to make online other than LOSS. But I don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Take (close)a look at their payment proofs.
For their Payment proof screen shots,it says on bottom
of screenshot Upgrade payment(NOT payout payment).
What a terrable trick!

ifeanyi oguta said...

If what you people are saying are all true then I will rush back now and delete my account

hazara pakistan said...

ya i also member of this site so i go away from this ....
Please please Any One have realy Paid Mail ptr ptc Site who ay 100/month or more So PLEASE PLEASE send Me... and Help Me..

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